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Pool Water Features

Regal Pools has a team of expert designers that can incorporate a stunning water feature addition to your swimming pool and surrounding landscape.

Pool Lighting

Creating a magical environment around your landscape and pool at night is the highlight of completing your pool build. With the right lighting everything looks amazing …

Retaining Walls for Pools

Retaining walls have a significant impact in molding your terrace, especially if your property is slanted. They should be built and can be exorbitant …

Pool Cleaning

Considering your pool fencing prior to your pool construction is imperative as it’s such an important part of Australian regulations. Legally we can’t fill your pool without fencing …

Pool Decking

For many pool owners decking around pools is an extremely popular choice, due to it being a cost-effective alternative to concrete and paving.

Pool Coping & Paving

Whether your desire is to build a new pool or renovating an existing one, the coping and paving process plays a vital part in the final aesthetics and atmosphere of your space.

Pool Renovation

As we as a whole realize patterns travel every which way. What appeared to be cool, thinking back to the 80’s will likely be flinched upon today. A pool remodel will modernize …

Pool Equipment

Contact Regal Pools for recommendations and professional advice for the best choice of equipment for your swimming pool.

Pool Heating

There are multiple options available to heat your pool and keep it comfortable and warm so it can be used all year round.

Pool Covers

A wise investment is getting a pool cover to eliminate up to 65% of heat loss and 97% of water evaporation. Pool covers are also helpful for keeping your pool clean.

Pool Maintenance

Our full after sales services at Regal Pools helps to keep your pool looking as wonderful as the first time you swam in it, for many years to come. We provide everything …

Pool Construction

Concrete pools need a foundation on natural solid ground and cannot sit in fill, so occasionally the engineer will require a soil report in order to complete a structural design.

Pool Landscaping Designs

Most of the solid pools that that we tend to construct are unambiguously designed by our terribly own gifted group. Our emphasis is on conveying a pool that will complement your home and encompassing scene.