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Pool Heating

There are multiple options available to heat your pool and keep it comfortable and warm so it can be used all year round. You can select either gas or solar heating options that can be tailored to suit your requirements and budget.
Solar Heating
Solar heating through the summer months is the most budget-friendly option to heat the pool. Typically, from November through to late March the temperature of your pool water will be between 27 degrees and 31 degrees. By using a separate pump system that has a digital controller ensures maximum efficiency. For over 20 years we have successfully used Austral Solar solutions.
Gas Heating
Gas Heating is absolutely essential when owning a Spa and also extends your swimming season. The Austral range is extremely efficient and now their products are even more compact in size than they used to be. There are numerous sized heaters ranging from 120mj through to 400mj. A larger heater will heat your pool or spa faster. By combining both Gas and Solar heating solar you will easily enjoy another 3 months of swimming in your pool for a minimal expense.
Automated Control Systems
If you have a stand-along swimming pool or a pool/spa combination, using an automate control system is the best option for a fuss-free life. We recommend using the very user-friends Aqualink system that can be fully automated from your smart phone. Imagine at the mere touch of a button, having the ability to program your:

• Pumps
• Pool operations
• Decking and Garden lighting,
• Motorised Valves that isolate your spa
• Heating and Temperature controls

All this can be done from either your smart phone, a wired in one touch control panel or a wireless PDA. You can simply drive home from work and effortlessly and quickly warm up your pool, by using your phone, ready for your enjoyment once you arrive home.