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Pool Fencing

Considering your pool fencing prior to your pool construction is imperative as it’s such an important part of Australian regulations. Legally we can’t fill your pool without fencing any surrounding boundaries in compliances with industry regulations. However, the exciting news is that Regal Pools can supply all your pool fencing needs.
Fence Height Requirements
Australian regulations state that the required minimum height for fencing around a swimming pools is 1200mm from any ground surface, such as the decking or grass. This standard has been determined by the average 5-year-old child, who’s unable to climb over a fence of this height. If required, we can build your pool fence higher.

Modifications may be required to ensure your pool fence complies with regulation standards if your pool is being constructed near an existing boundary fence.

Beautiful Fencing Options

It’s so important for your material choice to complement your landscape as swimming pool fences can be constructed from a variety of attractive and durable materials, including:

  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Wire

Perhaps using the same material elsewhere in your landscaping and it should be able to whether the wear and tear that your property experiences. Generally, your pool fencing can be completed within approx. 2 days after the materials arrive. More complex and larger projects may take a little longer to complete.